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birth control

19 Nov

For those that are not yet parents the idea of a having a big family can be quite endearing.  Babies are so cute, right?  The new baby smell, the ridiculously soft skin, the big eyes filled with curiosity and wonder.  All the stuff that you expect to see in any given Johnson & Johnson ad.  Well that’s all true and does invoke both the warm and the fuzzy but is unfortunately shortlived.  Just like the puppy that seemed like such a great idea in the moment, that puppy grows up into a giant, stinky, slobbery mess that digs up your sprinklers and humps your leg.  A little extreme?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not. 

I am not saying kids are a bad idea (I happen to have one of my own) but it is important to prepare yourself mentally for the experience.  While it will certainly be one of the most rewarding adventures of your life there will also be moments where you will wonder from whom the decision to procreate was really inspired.  A seasoned parent and coworker of mine turned me on to this great European commercial for contraceptives.  If the mesage at the end of the clip isn’t clear enough, hopefully the content is enough to make you think twice before jumping on the wagon. 

Has anybody ever had the privelege of experiencing something like this?  I would love to hear the stories, leave a comment!

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