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in the zone

24 Nov

I hate it when people tell me they are actively trying to have kids.  I know what this means and it usually grosses me out.  Something about it just seems very personal and leaves far too much to the imagination.  Making this statement from a microphone, behind a podium, or in other settings that include large groups of people exponentially increases my level of discomfort for both myself and the individual sharing.  But mostly myself.  I don’t want to give the impression that I am against having children but, honestly, there has to be a less creepy way to make this announcement!  I hear what is being said but still register “Who’s got two thumbs and is getting way more than normal?!”  Unfortunately, the men in this delusional state tend to struggle grasping (or simply don’t care) the idea that it is not a sudden upturn in sexual prowess that is attracting their partner.  Rather, motived by an ulterior agenda (and in some cases an ovulation calendar) they are being used.  If the people you associate with look anything like my friends this has got to be the only reason there is any activity in the bedroom.

even his mother is luke warm on this mug

We must know that this act becomes dutiful at some point, as much as we all hate to admit it.  While “actively trying” the man becomes the means to an end.  Something to get from Point A to Point B.  Utilitarian.  Like a Jeep!  But don’t feel used men, this is nothing to take personal.  In fact you should enjoy the attention while it lasts.  Unless you are preparing for your first child you should know that the last couple of months of the pregnancy and for some time thereafter you will be experiencing extreme draught.  After the experiences your woman has just gone through it’s no wonder the idea can become quickly repulsive (which may be mutual for a time depending on your seating during the big show).  You’re trekking through the (insert desert here) and you’re on your own.  Good luck!

With that in mind just remember that with great sacrifice comes great reward and this is a small price to pay for the joy you will experience as a father.

With that in mind, my wife and I have been…(don’t say it!)…working on a kid?  I still haven’t figured out the best way to put it.  Never mind that.  We are expecting baby #2 and had the opportunity go to the doctor today to check things out, hear the heart beat and confirm that everything is going as planned.  I am very excited but find myself reverting back to many of the uncertainties and slight fears that inherently come with this type of arrival.  But at the same time I feel much more prepared this time around.  Next big milestone is to find out the gender of the baby which in my opinion is one of the more climatic moments pre-arrival.  I will be sure to pass this along when the time is right.

As the dad of an untamed mancub, aka my 2 yr old boy, it’s hard to imagine throwing another one in the mix.  Right now we can double team him.  Add another and we’re forced into man-to-man defense.  One more and its a zone.  The ratio begins to shift unfavorably from a control standpoint.  But you know what, I’m okay with that.  I’m too out of shape to play man-to-man anyways.


birth control

19 Nov

For those that are not yet parents the idea of a having a big family can be quite endearing.  Babies are so cute, right?  The new baby smell, the ridiculously soft skin, the big eyes filled with curiosity and wonder.  All the stuff that you expect to see in any given Johnson & Johnson ad.  Well that’s all true and does invoke both the warm and the fuzzy but is unfortunately shortlived.  Just like the puppy that seemed like such a great idea in the moment, that puppy grows up into a giant, stinky, slobbery mess that digs up your sprinklers and humps your leg.  A little extreme?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not. 

I am not saying kids are a bad idea (I happen to have one of my own) but it is important to prepare yourself mentally for the experience.  While it will certainly be one of the most rewarding adventures of your life there will also be moments where you will wonder from whom the decision to procreate was really inspired.  A seasoned parent and coworker of mine turned me on to this great European commercial for contraceptives.  If the mesage at the end of the clip isn’t clear enough, hopefully the content is enough to make you think twice before jumping on the wagon. 

Has anybody ever had the privelege of experiencing something like this?  I would love to hear the stories, leave a comment!

be your own man

16 Nov

We have all heard the saying “kids don’t come with an instruction manual”.  Well, here’s the thing – they don’t.  But do we have to be so cliche?  Honestly, who would want a manual to tell them exactly how to TCB with their kids even if such a document did exist?  I see this as a great advantage for us as dads to do what we do best: shoot from the hips.  Improvise.  Come up with crazy ideas in the spur of the moment to get the job done.  Check out this manfather in stride:

Well done dad.  Keep thinking on your feet.

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